Steel Care For You Since 2019

Manufacturer and Exporters of Premium Quality
Single Use Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Beauty
Instruments, Pet Care and Vaternatery Instruments.

With manufacturing facilities located across 4 strategic sites worldwide.


including key subsidiaries in Germany and Canada, our company fosters a robust international framework. This infrastructure empowers us with exceptional responsiveness, allowing us to effectively address the growing demands of healthcare professionals globally. Alongside our main offices in Pakistan, Canada, USA, and Germany, we maintain a network designed to uphold our commitment to serving the evolving needs of the healthcare sector.

Global Footprint, Local Excellence: Our Worldwide Network of Precision Instrumentation

Extending our global reach, our branches in the USA, Germany, and Canada serve as hubs for excellence, ensuring worldwide accessibility to our exceptional instruments.

Wittex Canada

4446 Noble Rd, Cortes Island

Wittex USA

2367 Speers Road, Brampton

Wittex Germany

3851 49th Avenue, Kugluktuk

Steel Care For You

30+ Years Of Undefeated Success

With a legacy spanning over three decades, our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has led to unparalleled success, establishing us as leaders in the dental and surgical instrument industry.


Variety of Products, Including Surgical, Beauty and Dental instruments.


Years of experience of Manufacturing Surgical Instruments


Countries Where our Products are being Exported.


Skilled and Professional Workers and Team Members


Elevating Healthcare Excellence Through Advanced Manufacturing Processes

At our state-of-the-art facility, we meticulously craft dental and surgical instruments with precision and care. Our skilled artisans leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality, meeting stringent industry standards for your safety and well-being.

We Follow Best Practices

Our advanced manufacturing processes combine expertise and innovation to produce instruments that embody excellence. From concept to creation, we prioritize precision and quality for optimal healthcare outcomes.
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